Inter-Laboratory Practice (ILP)

UILI is currently running an application for a world-wide proficiency testing program. The program is called UILI Inter-laboratory Practice (ILP ). The 1st UILI /ILP was initiated in 2006.

  • 1st UILI /ILP Program 2007
    Program relating to Heavy Metals in Sediment
  • 2nd UILI /ILP Program 2008
    Program relating to Heavy metals and PAH in Soil
  • 3rd UILI /ILP Program 2009
    Program relating to Heavy Metals and POP’s in Sediment
  • 4th UILI /ILP Program 2010
    Program relating to Metal in Water
  • 5th UILI /ILP Program 2011
    Program relating to Cation and Anion in Natural Water
  • 6th UILI /ILP Program 2012
    Program relating to Metals in Saline Water
  • 7th UILI /ILP Program 2013
    Program relating to Metals in Drinking Water and Saline Water

By applying on UILI ’s website, users may elect to participate in upcoming UILI /ILP Programs, enter results and receive reports. Please register on our website to participate. The last ILP Program registered already 150 participants.


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