La Cámara Argentina de Laboratorios Independientes Bromatológicos Ambientales y Afines (CALIBA), was incorporated on October 21, 1994 as a civilian entity

Purposes of the Chamber are:

a) Nuclear independent laboratories engaged on bromatológicos, environmental and related analysis, meaning independent laboratories to those who prove not belong or have a relationship of dependency with industrial and / or commercial enterprises that demand their services;

b) To represent the specific sector to the public authorities, private institutions in the country and abroad, in any act or management necessary;

c) Encourage the nesting activity, ensuring compliance with rules and business ethics laws and regulations;

d) Resolve Arbitration character in any matter voluntarily submitted by its members;

e) To attend by delegations needed, every business, national or international event, issues related to the specialty;

f) Collaborate and provide appropriate technical advice to government agencies with jurisdiction over the activity of the Chamber, for the development of performance standards or provisions in any commercial, industrial or public appearances;

g) To encourage the achievement of new markets, to defend existing ones, to combat unfair competition, concentrating its efforts on increasing efficiency in service providing partners and in accordance with existing legislation; arbitrating means for compliance thereof.


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