UILI Newsletter December 2017
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UILI LabMeeting 2017 Bogotá
Drs Luc H.A. Scholtis 14th UILI President chairs the 27th General Assembly in Bogotá, Colombia
On 23th to 25th of August UILI celebrated its annual meeting in Bogotá, Colombia coinciding with IAAAC’s annual meeting and ASOCOLAB´s congress in quality. During the event in addition to the meeting of the UILI Governing board it was held the XXVII General Assembly and also different activities such as the LabTour to visit relevant Colombian Laboratories, and a workshop: LabMeeting, with the assistance of near 100 representatives of Colombian laboratories and the participation of international experts and speakers which gave lectures on topics of importance to the business of the laboratories. These conferences are available on the UILI website.
Drs Scholtis expressed his gratitude to the members of the Governing Board its executive commitee and Mrs Fernandez, the secretary of UILI for their enormous collaboration given to the decision making in the activities undertaken by UILI during the past two years.
He commented that to continue its growth and value adding to members UILI needs most people involved in each one of different tasks: ILP coordination, external representation: ILAC; ISO, UNIDO, Regional Accreditation Associations. He highlighted the fact that UILI’s voice is being listened in international forums such as ILAC and or ISO and more volunteers are needed for UILI external representations.
LabTour 2017
UILI LabTour 2017
UILI President Luc Scholtis thanks IDEAM Chairman for the LabTour
UILI visists Comombian Laboratories 1
UILI visits Colombian Laboratories
ILAC-IAF-Reception UILI board 2
UILI Board meets Assocolab
UILI is becoming a stakeholder of the Regional Accreditation Associations, such as IAAC, EA, ARAC. This is necessary and very important to have a true representation of the laboratories and defend their interests within these associations. We may build a stakeholders database to get them on the table in, for instance, a global stakeholder conference.
UILI president and past president UILI Past-President Manahen Fernandez and UILI President Luc Scholtis celebrate the 27th General Assmebly
ILAC LC Chair Steve Sydney Luc Scholtis, UILI President and Gabriel Fonsecca, President Assocolab
The application of EUROLAB to UILI´s membership has been already formalized and so EUROLAB is an Ordinary Association member of UILI. The incorporation of this regional association of laboratories is an important milestone in the history of UILI and we hope that its incorporation will serve to defend with greater force the interests of laboratories worldwide.
UILI´s president, Drs Scholtis and UILI¨s secretary, Mrs. Fernández had in last June a meeting at UNIDO’s headquarters in Vienna to explore ways to collaborate in programs for laboratories located in developing countries such as one to provide a strategic plan for creating Associations of laboratories and Accreditation Bodies in developing countries. UNIDO needs the help of experts and project leaders to solve their problems in accreditation and achieve their goals and that is where UILI can collaborate with them. UNIDO representatives were also very much interested in the UILI ILP program.
Interlaboratory Practice Brochure
Download the program Interlaboratory Practice 2018
Logo JEMCA Logo RELACRE Logo CALIBA The providers of the ILP 2018-2019
Interlaboratory Practice 2017-2018
2018/2019 ILP PROGRAM
The organization of Interlaboratory Practices is one of the most important contributions of UILI for its members and it is open to the participation of all the laboratories world-wide.

Challenge your lab in a true global laboratory comparative study
Our 2018-2019 Interlaboratory Practice Program will focus on 8 different materials. The methods of testing for each lab are free.

Call for participants
See the attachment for more information about the Interlaboratory Practice or download this document. You can subscribe on the Interlaboratory Practice by filling in this form or e-mail to secretariat@uili.org.

Global proficiency testing schemes
The UILI ILP for 2018-2019 comprises the following eight programs...
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The revision of ISO 17025 is done.
ISO/CASCO meeting in Geneva and the revision of ISO 17025. It has been done!
UILI together with Eurolab has activily been participating in the revision of ISO 17025. The time schedule has been published.
UILI Membership and members
The Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants (UILI) is an international organization representing the laboratory industry, established in 1960. The present membership represents of over a 2000 mayor laboratory associations, individual laboratories and laboratory suppliers offering a diverse range of laboratory testing and consulting services.
Ordinary members represent all over the world
Affiliated and unaffiliated ordinary members represent Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay.
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Ordinary members
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Secretariate M. Fernández Valero
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