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Newsletter December 2012

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From the President’s Desk

From the President’s desk

Dear Members,

On October 19th the Governing Board of UILI had its fall meeting in Lisbon; it was organized thanks to the kindness and collaboration of RELACRE, Association of Accredited laboratories of Portugal.
At this meeting the integration of RELACRE in UILI was approved.

Times change and our Association, UILI, in order to become stronger and better in defending the laboratory business must become more global. We recently received requests from laboratories to join UILI; according to our constitution these laboratories cannot be accepted because our Constitution does not allow it. The Board has decided to study changes in our Constitution in order to broaden the spectrum of laboratories which can be part of our worldwide Association. Changes to this situation should be presented to the General Assembly for review in 2013.

To meet today's demands for conformity assessment of products and in order to facilitate the free movement of goods between states, widely accepted international standards are essential. Active participation in the development of laws and national and international Standards affecting their activities, is essential in order to protect laboratory business.
The most effective way to influence is through the Associations of Laboratories, such as UILI that serve as reference sector partners to convey the opinions to the various organizations where standards are developed, ISO / CASCO, CEN-CENELEC ... ILAC, EURACHEM.

A stronger UILI would have greater influence on International Forums and Standardization committees to bring the voice of laboratories and defend their business. In order for UILI to take its place internationally, we must make an effort to project its image and seek alliances with other associations.

The Globalization, the need for stronger associations and the economic crisis has lead UILI to take actions better suited for the present time, such as, optimization of resources, and partnering with other Associations with similar interests. UILI has moved in this direction by having teleconference call board meetings. UILI is presently negotiating a MOU with EUROLAB.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Manahén Fernández Alonso
13th UILI President

From the secretary-general’s desk

From the Secretary-General's desk

In the past year the Governing Board started to work on a membership recruitment effort. In this process we not only redesigned the UILI website but we also developed a complete new membership recruitment package. Any laboratory organization interested in joining UILI should now register on our website.

Membership application form

UILI invites sponsors to advertise on our website
In 2007 UILI introduced a new category of members for laboratory suppliers. Laboratory suppliers can join UILI as an associate member.

As part of the associate membership plan these members can now sponsor UILI by advertising on the UILI website. The total fee for associate membership including the webadvertising scrolling banner is € 1.200 per year. You can apply for associate membership with an e-mail to secretary-general@uili.org or register on the website.

Advertise on the UILI website

By becoming a member of UILI RELACRE now has a seat on the Governing Board. Dr. Ribeiro attended his first UILI board meeting in Lisbon.


UILI Governing Board invites five members to attend as observer its spring Governing Board meeting on April 10, 2013 on Skype.

On April 10, 2013 at 12.00.00 hours GMT the UILI Governing Board will convene for its spring Governing Board meeting. The meeting will make use of Skype and any UILI member who would like to attend the meeting can send a request to the secretariat. Based on a first come first served basis the Governing Board will allow 5 members to participate as an observer in its skype meeting. Depending on the results of the experience, the Governing Board will decide if this trial should be continued in the future.


Inter Laboratory Practice

6th UILI Inter-Laboratory Practice Report

The 6th UILI-ILP Report has been issued and distributed in September 2012. In total 150 laboratories participated in the international study. The program focussed on analytical methods used in the analysis of metals in saline water. 6 Target compounds in 2 different samples were measured.

Click here to download the 6th UILI ILP Report.

7th UILI Inter-Laboratory Practice Announcement

  • Type of the program: Metals in drinking water and saline water
  • Sample 1: 'Metals in drinking water”
    Sample 2: “Metals in saline water”
    (Salinity: 30-40 ‰ seawater composition)
  • Target compound: 10 metals (Cd, Cr, Mn, Pb, Cu, Ni, Zn, Hg, As, Sb)
  • Deadline of application : January 31, 2013
  • Sample distribution: mid-February 2013.
  • Reporting deadline: 31 March 2013.
  • Issue of final report: September, 2013
  • Participation fee:
    UILI Member : € 200.00
    UILI Non-Member : € 300.00
  • Method of participation
    Send E-mail to Ms. Francine Fortier (UILI secretary)
    E-mail: uili@magma.ca or register on the UILI website www.uili.org.

Click here to download the 7th UILI ILP Announcement.

Click here to register for participation in the 7th UILI Inter-Laboratory Practice.


Header AELI

AELI focusses on unfair competition in difficult Spanish market circumstances

Governing Board Dr. J. Oliver-Rodés

Dear UILI colleagues,

As you know the economic situation in Spain is still difficult, with negative perspectives for the coming year. To put it in an easy way, what is happening after more than four years of private debt crisis, is that companies still can’t access bank financing, public spending is decreasing fast and all commercial activity and new projects are much reduced due to lack of funding .

The amount of money needed to assure the banking system's stability after their mishandling of private investments in the real state sector, has resulted in a fast increase on public deficit, the closure of financial markets for the Spanish Government and companies and, finally a sharp decrease on Government investments and public spending.

This situation obviously comes with a significant increase in the tax burden to businesses and people, all of them already very much concerned by reduced income.

As a result, all the activity is affected, and the unemployment rate is at its highest.

The only signs for a future recovery would be an agreement to reschedule the payment of the private debt, with the help of the EU, and the consolidation of public spending reforms that should target zero deficit on a longer term (not within 2 years); the result of sharp decrease in public spending has shown it has not a positive result. The only good trends are the gain of competitiveness of the Spanish companies, gained through salary decreases, that is helping boost the exports from manufacturers, and the record high number of tourists that kept this important industry (10 % of GDP) active during this year.

AELI through the Competence Commission has intensified the lines of action being developed and claiming for the free market competition against protectionism and strengthening of "Public Companies" deficient in many cases and who are unnecessary funded by the State. Read more ...

Header CCIL

Canadian laboratories are fined tens of thousands of dollars
for late reporting of drinking water test results.

Governing Board G. G. McIntee

The successful launching of CCIL’s web site was followed by the addition of a video describing our Association’s mission.

CCIL’s Annual General Meeting was held on July 23rd in Vancouver, BC. Except for one resignation, the Board members elected back in 2012 were re-affirmed for a second term, with two new Directors being added.

Allan Maynard, Executive Director for the past 8 years retired in July 2012. Derwyn Reuber has replaced Mr. Maynard. Mr. Reuber has been actively involved for over 40 years in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, consumer product testing and certification, and risk management. Derwyn previously served on CCIL’s Board of Directors and on CCIL’s Ethics Committee.

To streamline its certification program processes, CCIL has moved forward with the implementation of on line data entry. For the 2013 certification programs all participants registered on line and will also be inputting their own correlation test data.

One of CCIL’s major initiatives in the past six months has been to convince the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to reconsider its proposal to have CCIL members with nuclear gauges put up a financial guarantee that CNSC could draw funds from if the CCIL member went out of business. This proposal would have unnecessarily tied up a lot of our members’ capital. CCIL is having an independent risk assessment conducted to demonstrate to the Canadian government that such financial guarantees are not warranted. Read more ...

Header JEMCA

JEMCA implemented its Certified Environmental Measurer Test.
2.755 successful candidates have been reported over the past 5 years.

Governing board Dr. H. Tabata

Proficiency Testing (PT) – Background and list of past & future projects
Since 1999, JEMCA has been proving PT program cohosting with JEC, and from the year of 2006, we restarted as the only host to the program. The 63rd test has been under implementation. The appendix shows past and ongoing tests implemented by JEMCA Read More

Summary of Implementation Status of CEM Test
Number of applicants, candidates, passed candidates and passed rate of CEM Tests implemented during last five years from FY2007 to FY2011 are shown on table next page (as of 1 August 2012). Read More


RELACRE – Portugal Accredited Laboratories Association

Dr. A. Silva Ribeiro

RELACRE – Portugal Accredited Laboratories Association is a private, non-for-profit Association, with independent legal identity and technical, administrative and financial autonomy, with its own patrimony.

It was formed in 1991 as an initiative of 21 entities, public and private, with accredited laboratories, in order to represent ay national level the metrology and testing Portuguese laboratories.

RELACRE New member of UILI

Currently, congregates members from different sectors of economic activity, mostly laboratories, independent or integrated into enterprises, technological and quality infrastructures and other entities, public and private, interested in the development and recognition of the importance of the metrology and testing activities.

In pursuit of improving the quality of services and competitiveness of laboratories, RELACRE, develops various activities to meet the needs of laboratorial community.

Internationally, on behalf of Portugal and Portuguese Laboratories, participates in several organizations, mainly EUROLAB, EURACHEM, IMEKO and now UILI.

Aware of the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge, RELACRE, established, at an international level agreements with other entities such as EUROLAB Spain, RELAT- Technological Laboratories Network- Brazil, Metrology Parana- Brazil.

RELACRE is available to establish protocols and cooperation agreements with organizations, at national and international level, in response to needs and common interests.

RELACRE main activities:

  • Training courses
  • Organisation of seminars and workshops
  • Proficiency testing schemes
  • Technical consulting and auditing
  • Personnel certification body
  • Technical committees

Header VRS

VRS decided to continue their more than half a century of UILI support

Secretary-General Drs. L.H.A. Scholtis

Membership of the 102 years old Vereniging van Raadgevend Scheikundige Laboratoria (VRS) consists now of 14 member companies with 18 personal members.

The board of VRS now consists of:
Drs. Hans van der Wart, President and Drs. Jörgen van den Ende, Secretary and treasurer.

General Assemblies
The association's bi-annual (spring) meeting was held on 12 June, 2012 in Kasteel Heemstede in Houten. At that meeting UILI's strengthening of private laboratory membership was discussed. In it's (autumn) meeting on 12 November 2012 the members of our association decided to continue UILI membership.

Fenelab, de branchevereniging van geaccrediteerde laboratoria, kalibratie- en inspectie-instellingen in Nederland

As a part of the activities within the laboratory sector are deployed within FeNelab we include here some of their activities.

Committee Corporate Social Responsinbility
Fenelab has a new committee Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen (MVO). On 24 October 2012 will be the inaugural meeting of the new sector Fenelab Electro. The Fenelab Conduct is rewritten and will be published in a short time.

The board of Fenelab now consists of the following members:
R.A.J. Dijkstra - DARE!!, president dr. ir. R.F.M. van Gorcom - RIKILT, vice-president C. van 't Wout - VSL B.V., treasurer * ir. J.A. van Herpen - KOAC-NPC b.v., secretary drs. W.A.J. Mandersloot - TNO M. Tielemans - Het Waterlaboratorium N.V. H. Tolman - KBBL Wijhe B.V. * drs. J.H.F. van der Wart - Eurofins Analytico B.V. * R. Zantman - ALcontrol Laboratories
* These board members of Fenelab are a VRS-member.

Public Relations
Fenelab has organized a seminar at "Het Instrument" (26/09/2012). Fenelab slogan 2012 is "Fenelab stands for quality and craftsmanship". Several members of Fenelab participated in the Lab Experience Days. Fenelab has cooperated with a working group of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment "Environmental Laboratories and General Rules". Several brochures were released, including a brochure "What is accreditation". Read more ...

Header ISO

ISO/CASCO Report by Gib McIntee, UILI’s Rapporteur to CASCO

This is the 12th report submitted by UILI since it was granted Liaison ‘A’ Status by ISO/CASCO in September 2000. The UILI Governing Board again welcomes this annual opportunity to report on their activities in support of the laboratory community.

The Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indepéndants (UILI) incorporated in Paris, France in 1961 is an international association of private laboratories and practitioners from throughout the world. Our membership of over 700 organisations is organised within six National Member Associations (Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Japan and soon to be, Portugal) and Unaffiliated Ordinary Members. Individual Ordinary Members range in size from under 10 full time employees to over 4500 employees. Our membership retains permanent facilities in over 30 countries around the world.

UILI’s objectives include the representation of the professional and commercial interests of the private sector laboratories and acts as a forum for the exchange of information and views on an international basis. For the past 7 years, UILI has conducted an international proficiency testing program for environmental laboratories. Six such programs have been completed, with several hundred participants worldwide.

As part of our communication programme with our membership, we have held meetings over the past 36 months with members in The Netherlands, Canada, and this Fall in Portugal.

UILI has actively contributed to the work of every Plenary, and participated on several working groups (WG’s). Read more ...

Header ILAC

ILAC MRA expanded includes inspection

The scope of the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) was extended to include the accreditation of inspection bodies on 24 October 2012, at the annual ILAC/IAF meetings held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thirty-nine accreditation bodies from thirty-nine economies became the inaugural signatories (www.ilac.org/ilacarrangement) to the ILAC MRA for the accreditation of inspection bodies.

As with the accreditation of laboratories, the ILAC MRA for inspection is based on the recognition of the mutual recognition arrangements for inspection that have been established and evaluated in the three recognised regional cooperation bodies of ILAC, namely APLAC (www.aplac.org), EA (www.european-accreditation.org) and IAAC (www.iaac.org.mx). Read more ...

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The present membership of over a 1000 private laboratories or independent consultants provides a diverse range of laboratory testing and consultancy services. A recent survey, whilst recognizing that a few laboratories had staff levels of over 700, confirmed that in excess of 75 percent of independent laboratories employed a total staff of less than 25.

Secretariate F. Fortier-TheBerge

For information about membership please contact Ms. Francine Fortier-ThéBerge at info@uili.org

UILI membership benefits to all members:

  • Free UILI newsletters and other information leaflets.
  • Access to the "Register of Members".
  • Representation and participation in the workings of national or international standard bodies such as ILAC, UNIDO and ISO.
  • Representation at International Laboratory Accreditation Conferences and Task Force meetings.
  • Opportunities for personal contact with other laboratory professionals.
  • Advice and encouragement in developing technical capabilities.
  • Preferential fees for conferences and seminars.
  • Active assistance from the Secretariat and other UILI officers.
  • Access to documents on the UILI website.
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