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Newsletter March 2016

From the President’s Desk

UILI focusses on the International representation of the Laboratory Industry

In a time where it becomes more and more important that the measurement results of the laboratory industry become more and more comparable and that the quality standards are raised to a very high level UILI is increasing its international role in representing our industry. UILI has selected some major topics to realize these goals.

  • Effective representation of the laboratory industry in international standards bodies.
  • Strengthen its global comparable ILP studies
  • Build a true global laboratory community
To realize al this UILI will in 2016 become a member of ISO/REMCO, Mirror the work of standards bodies by working groups, extend its Interlaboratory Practice with more and different programs and organize the LabMeeting with other laboratory organisations in combination with ILAC-IAF meeting.

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to attend the ‘2016 UILI LABMEETING – Governing Board and Working Group Meetings’ that the International Union of Independent Laboratories (UILI) will organize on October 27 and 28, 2016 in New Delhi, India.

Our Event will be organized during the ILAC-IAF Joint Annual Meetings and has the purpose to include the possiblity to attend certain parts of the ILAC program. UILI will accommodate a Meet and Greet as one of ILAC oldest supporters straight from the start.

Yours sincerely,

UILI - Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants

On behalf of the Governing Board,

Drs L.H.A. Scholtis
14thUILI President



Liaison A with UILI created - Result of CIB Approval of draft resolution C1/2016

2016-03-17 - Taking into account this result of the CIB enquiry N 1416 on the draft resolution C1 / 2016 (ISO/REMCO N 1408), the resolution C1/2016 is approved. Accordingly, the liaison category A with UILI is created. The next meeting of ISO/REMCO WG17 will be held in Ekaterinburg on 2016-06-15 (see REMCO draft agenda N 1415).

Download Result of CIB Approval of draft resolution C1/2016


UILI internal working group for the revision of the ISO 17025 has met to take decisions regarding UILI’s members position in the ISO WG44 meetings.

Any UILI member wishing to contact the working group can do so through the secretary address: secretariat@uili.org

Interlaboratory Practice

UILI Interlaboratory Practice - 2016-2017
Global proficiency testing schemes

Since 10 years ago UILI offers a special service to laboratories worldwide: the preparation of interlaboratory practice comparison exercises, ILP, with the participation of laboratories of different countries all around the world. Already a lot of laboratories are registered to participate in the 2016-2017 ILP program from the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Japan, Korea, México, Nigeria, Portugal and Spain.

The UILI ILP for 2016 comprises the following programs:

  • 10th UILI ILP 2016: Cations and anions in natural water
    The target elements are: Calcium ion (Ca2+) / Potassium ion (K+) / Magnesium ion (Mg2+) / Sodium ion (Na+) / Chloride ion (Cl-) / Fluoride ion (F-) / Nitrate ion (NO3-) / Phosphate ion (PO43-) / Sulfate ion (SO42-). (Download Instruction Sheet)
  • 11th UILI ILP 2016: Fat, Acidity, Dry Matter, Protein, Ash, Content, pH in milk
  • 12th UILI ILP 2016: Esterols, Erythrodiol + Uvaole, Wax, Acidity, Peroxide index, UV spectrophotometric test, Delta ECN 42 and insoluble impurities in olive oil
  • 13th UILI ILP 2016: Nutritional labelling

The UILI ILP for 2017 comprises the following four programs:
  • 14th UILI ILP 2017: Phosphate, Silicate and Nitrate in water
  • 15th UILI ILP 2017: pH, Density, Alcoholic Strength, Total Acidity and Total Sugars in wine
  • 16th UILI ILP 2017: Dimensional Stability during laundering and domestic drying, Force by Traction and lengthening at rupture point, Abrasion Resistance – Martindale in textiles
  • 17th UILI ILP 2017: Conductivity, Sedimentable solids, Solid soluble sulfides, COD, BOD, Hydrocarbons, Coliforms, Detergents, Phenolics and Metals in river water
Additional information about the current ILP and the formers ones can be found on our website: www.uili.org.

Would you also like to participate in the UILI Interlaboratory Practice?
Send an email to secretariat@uili.org or subscribe on the website.

UILI LabMeeting 2016

UILI LabMeeting in New Delhi, India on October, 27 - 28th

Our ‘2016 UILI LABMEETING’ should be seen as an initiative to raise awareness for the importance of the laboratory industry societal level. From this perspective, it also forecasts composite talks: many social and economic aspects of laboratory testing do pass in review by prominent speakers from around the globe. I refer to the website of UILI (www.uili.org). There you can find all information and documentation concerning the activities.

UILI members, ILAC-IAF members and other beneficiaries I would like to welcome to our afternoon event and Meet and Greet party. I express the expectation that the ‘2016 UILI LABMEETING’ will give a valuable contribution to the image and authority of the laboratory industry and the ILAC-IAF Joint Annual Meetings in India.

Would you like to attend our 2016 LabMeeting?
Send an email to secretariat@uili.org or register on the website.

Register for membership

Register for membership only € 180 per year

The present membership of over a 1000 laboratories and scientific consultants provides a diverse range of the laboratory testing and consultancy industry. A recent survey, whilst recognizing that a few laboratories had staff levels of over 700, confirmed that in excess of 75 percent of independent laboratories employed a total staff of less than 25.

Secretariate Melissa Fernández Valero

For information about membership please contact Mrs. Melissa Fernández Valero at secretariat@uili.org

UILI membership benefits to all members:

  • Free UILI newsletters and other information leaflets.
  • Access to the "Register of Members".
  • Representation and participation in the workings of national or international standard bodies such as ILAC, ISO/CASCO, ISO/REMCO, UNIDO.
  • Representation at International Laboratory Accreditation Conferences and Task Force meetings.
  • Opportunities for personal contact with other laboratory professionals.
  • Advice and encouragement in developing technical capabilities.
  • Preferential fees for conferences and seminars.
  • Active assistance from the Secretariat and other UILI officers.
  • Access to documents on the UILI website.

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