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From the President’s Desk

From the President’s desk

Dear Members,

In recent years there have been profound changes in world economy, as well as in new technologies and areas of laboratory activity, so that Laboratory Associations must adapt to these changes to provide the best service to their members.

UILI has initiated a thorough process of renovation and expansion and our current goals include incorporation of new technologies for an improved and more efficient communication with the members and within the decision-making and management Board, achieve a greater representation worldwide paying special attention to Asian and South American emerging countries, a more effective and fast response and also more quantity and quality of  the services to our  members, and all  this must be coupled with an adjustment in  UILI’s operating costs.

Any impulse or idea to help us meet these objectives will very much appreciated by the Board.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Fernandez Alonso
13th UILI President

From the secretary-general’s desk

From the Secretary-General's desk

In Memoriam
Dr. Ken Albutt
7th UILI President 1990-1995

In Memoriam Dr. Ken Albutt - 7th UILI President 1990-1995

On the 31st January 2012 the Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants received the very sad news from Mr. David H. Stanger that Dr. Ken Albutt died in England.

Dr. Ken Albutt has been the perfect example of a business gentleman, generous with his time for the projects he felt passionately about, a great ambassador for the laboratory community. Now UILI has lost a valued colleague and personal friend for many of us. We have worked together in the interest of UILI and the international laboratory community from 1987 until last September 2011. On many events Ken has been supported by his dear Jane to events held on all continents of the world. Read more ...


UILI embraces Skype for the Governing Board meeting

Last october at the Governing Board meeting held in Paris France the board decided in an effort to reduce meeting expenses and travelling costs that one of the two biannual Governing Board meetings would be replaced by a meeting using Skype. After a preparation commitee tested and evaluated the idea a first Governing Board meeting was held on april 14, 2012. On this friday at 08.00h in Canada, 14.00h in Europe and 21.00h in Japan a first succesfull board meeting was held. After two hours the president closed the meeting to reconvene on may 16, 2012 to finalize our first board meeting on Skype. All the members attending concluded that this is a most efficient way to meet.


Inter Laboratory Practice

ILP (Inter Laboratory Practice)

Since 2005, UILI has been conducting ILP (Inter Laboratory Practice) as one of quality management in the global environmental chemical analysis field. Six tests have been implemented by 2011. Summary of past tests are shown on Table-1.

For evaluation, the median of reported values of participants are used as “certified value of CRM (Certified Referrence Material)” or “assigned values”. ISO/IEC 17043, APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) T001 and ISO 13528 are adopted for statistical analysis. Results are shown by z scores and Youden plots with confidence ellipses.

The ILP Committee of UILI, JEMCA (Japan Environmental Measurement & Analysis Association) and VRS (Vereniging van Raadgevend Scheikundige Laboratoria) is in charge of statistical analysis, and report issuing for the Japanese and English version.

Taking into account the circumstances that analysis method diverse among countries, method in ILP is not instructed. However, participants are required to report their method on pretreatment and type of detection instrument used. Based on this information, we analyze and evaluate the difference of reported values depending on methods. In this point this test differs from the definition of “Proficiency Testing” of ISO/IEC ISO/IEC 17043, so we named “Inter Laboratory Practice”. Lots of attractive results we gained from 1st to 6th ILP which we couldn’t face in domestic inter-laboratory comparison tests. For instance, we found by statistical evaluation that different pretreatment when analyzing some metal causes a great differ in reported value.

As characteristic of chemical analysis, data are often exchanged at international trading scenes. We argue the benefits of this kind of program and result aspects in future of which mutual recognition system amongst global testing laboratories will become required.

Header AELI

AELI defends the interests of the private laboratories in Spain

Governing Board Dr. J. Oliver-Rodés

Dear colleagues of UILI

First of all let me offer my sincere congratulations to Dr. Manahen Fernandez Alonso on his appointment last September during the General Assembly Meeting held in Paris as president of the Union Internationale des Laboratoires Independants.

I also would like to express the appreciation of AELI to Dr. Hideo Tabata for his continued dedication and effective work in front of UILI over the past four years.

Dr. Fernandez, whose laboratory has been a member of the Spanish Association of Independent Laboratories AELI, for many years, is currently a member of our Board and as with his steady performance has proven to be a staunch defender of our Associations so I'm sure his work in UILI will contribute significantly to its projection. Read more ...

Header CCIL

Canadian member association CCIL is following up its strategic plan and expanding its certification programms.

Governing Board G. G. McIntee

With the help of the Public Relations firm hired to follow up on our strategic plan recommendations, CCIL launched a new web site at the end of February 2012. This web site will be in ongoing construction and will include a web site data based entry for our members and certification customers.

CCIL published its 2012 hard copy directory which was sent to over 3000 clients throughout the country; this directory is a useful tool in promoting our members services to clients.

Every second year, the Geotechnical/Construction Materials Division has provided its members with the opportunity to participate in a bench mark survey and this year a record number of nineteen (19) members have participated. The survey is conducted by an independent professional consulting firm. The final report should be available in April 2012. Participants are provided with one copy of the survey, those not participating but wishing to purchase the survey will be charged a fee of $2,000.00. Read more ...

Header JEMCA

Update from JEMCA's Certification Programm
"Certfied Environmental Measurer (CEM)"

Governing board Dr. H. Tabata

To assure social reliability regarding the field of environment measurement, JEMCA established a certification program named “Certified Environmental Measurer (CEM) on Chemical Analysis” in 2006. The program focuses on improving measurers’ knowledge and performance. Test for CEM on Chemical Analysis started in the same year. There is level 1 to 3.

In 2008, JEMCA started CEM on Noise & Vibration. There is Advance Level and Entry Level. The Entry-level test was first implemented on 2008 and the Advance-level was in 2011. Read more ...

Introduction of SRRCE, the newly established organization

Establishment of SRRCE
The Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in the Environment (SRRCE) is established in 28 November 2011. Mr. Tsuneo Hashiba, the President of Japan Environmental Measurement and Chemical Analysis Association (JEMCA) and Dr. Hideo Tabata, the former President of JEMCA is contributing to SRRCE as board member.

The Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident due to the Great East Japan Earthquake has caused severe radiation damage to the environment in and out of Japan. The level of measures taken by the Japanese government has become one of the most serious environmental issue in Japan, and a quick recovery from the radioactive contamination is now required for the nation’s safety. Read more ...

Contact - Email: kh.josen@gmail.com - URL: http://kh-josen.jp/index.html (Japanese)

Header ISO

Information for ISO Guide 80

Guidance for in-house Production of Reference Materials for Quality Control (QCMs)

ISO Guide 80 is preparing by WG8 of ISO Reference Materials Committee (REMCO), which is concerned with guidelines for the preparation, certification and use of reference materials (RMs) and certified reference materials (CRMs).The 35th ISO/REMCO meeting will be held on June 19-22 in Austria. An extract of the Introduction and Scope is noted below.

Reference materials (RMs) are widely used in measurement laboratories for a variety of purposes. However, it is important to recognize that the material most appropriate for a particular application should be used. Certified reference materials (CRMs) i.e. those which have property values and associated uncertainties assigned by metrologically valid procedures are primarily used for method validation and calibrations providing traceability. Read more ... 

Header ILAC

The Laboratory Liason Committee meeting will be held in Prague on April 16, 2012.
The full ILAC IAF meeting, about 7 to days long, will be held in Rio de Janeiro in mid October 2012.

World Accreditation Day June 9th, 2012

World Accreditation Day will take place on June 9th 2012. The theme of the day will be 'Accreditation - Supporting Safe Food and Clean Drinking Water'. This theme has been selected as it is relevant to both ILAC and IAF members, as well as to accreditation bodies in both Developed and Developing Economies. Read more ... 

Annette Dever, ILAC Secretary
ILAC Secretariat, PO Box 7507,
Silverwater NSW 2128, Australia
Ph: +61 2 9736 8374
Fax: +61 2 9736 8373
Email: ilac@nata.com.au
Website: www.ilac.org

Accreditation Promotional Video

In advance of World Accreditation Day, the ILAC MCC and IAF CMC are preparing a short film to support your national events and promotional activities on the day. You will receive a High Definition Disc in the post, and the film will also be uploaded to the ILAC / IAF Youtube channel. Read more ... 

Alan Squirrell, ILAC Secretary
PO Box 7507
Silverwater, NSW 2128
Ph: +61 29736 8247
Fax: +61 29736 8373
Email: alan.squirrell@nata.com.au
Website: www.ilac.org

GUM and VIM web based survey

To General Directors and Presidents of the Member
Organizations of the JCGM
cc. Members of the JCGM WG 1 and WG2

Sevres, 2 February 2012

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am pleased to contact you about progress concerning decision taken at last JCGM plenary meeting, held at the BIPM on 7 December 2011.
As you may remember, consensus was reached at the meeting among the eight Member Organizations of the JCGM to circulate two documents in order to get feedback from the users of the JCGM products, namely:
• a rationale paper on the revision of the GUM, and
• a questionnaire on the usability of the VIM3. Read more ... 

Header Laboratory news from the world

Laboratory news from all over the World

I Street 1875 NW
DC 20006 Washington
United States
Email: info@acil.org
Website: www.acil.org

ACIL's 2012 Annual Meeting
75th Anniversary

October 6-9, 2012 - New York, NY
Save the Date!
ACIL 75th Anniversary Annual Meeting
Westin Times Square, New York, NY,
October 6-9, 2012 Read more ... 

Associação de Laboratórios Acreditados de Portugal
Rua Filipe Folque, 2 - 6º Dto.
1050-113 LISBOA
Email: geral@relacre.pt
Website: http://relacre.formare.pt/portal/

The Symposium on Temperature and
Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science

From 14 to 18 October 2013 will take place on the island of Madeira, Portugal, the Symposium on Temperature and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science. IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation) has selected the joint bid by Portuguese institutions for the organization and conduct of the symposium. For more information: www.tempmeko2013.pt

Read more ...

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