Types of membership

The Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants (UILI) is an international organization representing the laboratory industry, established in 1960. The present membership represents of over a 1000 mayor laboratory associations, individual laboratories and laboratory suppliers offering a diverse range of laboratory testing and consulting services. We would like to invite you, your company or your association to become a member. Please find more information below regarding membership for Ordinary Members, Member Associations or Associate Members of our global association.

UILI Membership for ordinary members
Ordinary members
$ 200 / yr
UILI membership is open to independent laboratories and scientific consultants. They can become UILI members individually as an unaffiliated ordinary member.
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UILI Membership for member associations
Member associations
$ 15 - $ 145 / member / yr
< 500 members  -  > 10 members
UILI membership is open to associations of laboratories. Their member laboratories and consultants become UILI ordinary members through their UILI member association.
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UILI Membership for associate members
Associate members
$ 1.340 / yr
Laboratory suppliers and other beneficiaries can join UILI as an associate member.
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