The Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants was registered in France in 1960 as an international association of independent laboratories and consultants.

UILI operates under the terms of its Constitution adopted, under its current form, by the 21th General Assembly held in Brussels on September 7, 2007.

A Governing Board, elected by the Ordinary Members through their Member Associations, exercises policy control over all UILI activities. The Governing Board, from amongst its members, nominates and elects one President, two Vice-Presidents and a Treasurer. An Executive Comittee, reporting to the Governing Board, implements policy on finance, membership conferences, publications and professional activities. The management of UILI is conducted by the Secretary General and his staff.

At a General Assembly, that meets at least every two years, every member present has the right to vote with no proxy votes accepted. However, the decisions of the General Assembly can only be carried with a 75 percent majority of those present.

Independent Laboratories and consultants may enjoy membership of UILI either through membership of a Member Association, itself being recognised by UILI, or by individual (non-affiliated ordinary) membership.

The Constitution permits ordinary membership within a country that has a recognised Member Association. In addition, to accommodate the breadth of scientific disciplines that seek membership of UILI, the constitution permits more than one Member Association per country.


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