General Assemblies

The General Assembly shall meet at least every two years, or at such intervals as shall be decided by the Governing Board.
It shall:

- make recommendations to the Governing Board on the activities of UILI;
- elect a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer and a Secretary-General from amongst the members of the Governing Board, who will serve until the next General Assembly;
- decide on the amount of the membership dues until the next General Assembly.

At a General Assembly every Ordinary member present shall have the right to vote. The decisions of the General Assembly can only be carried with a 75 per cent majority of those voting.
Observers may by invitation attend and speak at a General Assembly.
Notice of a General Assembly must be given to the members at least four months before the due date.

NameEvent typeTake-offEndVenueDetail
28th General AssemblyGeneral Assembly4/16/20204/16/2020Rotterdam, The Netherlands
27th General AssemblyGeneral Assembly8/25/20178/25/2017Bogota, Colombia
26th General AssemblyGeneral Assembly9/17/20159/17/2015Buenos Aires, Argentina
25th General AssemblyGeneral Assembly11/29/201311/29/2013Barcelona, Spain
24th General AssemblyGeneral Assembly9/16/20119/16/2011Paris, France
23rd General AssemblyGeneral Assembly10/22/201010/22/2010Osaka, Japan
22nd General AssemblyGeneral Assembly9/5/20089/5/2008Malaga, Spain
21st General AssemblyGeneral Assembly9/7/20079/7/2007Brussels, Belgium
20th General AssemblyGeneral Assembly9/30/20059/30/2005London, United Kingdom
19th General AssemblyGeneral Assembly9/12/20039/12/2003The Hague, The Netherlands
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General Assemblies


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