The Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) represents the independent testing industry in Canada. There are over 330 member facilities across the country. These labs provide a broad array of testing services, working in such fields as construction materials, manufactured goods, minerals, oil and gas, crops, food, air, water, soil and more.

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SGS Environmental ServicesLakefield
Intertek Testing ServicesMississauga
GEM Testing Ltd.Dunmore
Geo-Logic Inc.Peterborough
Golder Associates Ltd.Whitby
Inspec-Sol Ltd.Kingston
Intratech Engineering Laboratories Ltd.Scarborough
John D. Paterson and Associates LimitedNepean (Ottawa)
Landtek LimitedHamilton
Law Engineering (London) Inc.London
Levelton Consulting Ltd.Richmond
LVM Inc.Toronto
M & B Technical Testing Services Ltd.Calgary
Maxxam Analytics Inc.Bedford
Maxxam Analytics Inc.Burnaby
Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd.Burnaby
MNA Engineering Ltd.Scarborough
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