UILI In Memoriam Dr. Benito Oliver-Rodés Clapés January 19, 2017
Dr. B. Oliver-Rodés
Honorary Member
Dr. B. Oliver-Rodés Clapés
7th UILI President 1978-1984
UILI Vice-President 1984-1990
1971, June 2-5, Governing Board Meeting, Tours 1971, June 2-5, VIth UILI Congress, Governing Board Meeting, Tours

1971, June 2-5, Gala Diner, Tours 1971, June 2-5, VIth UILI Congress Gala Diner, Tours

Dr. B. Oliver Rodés with his friend Prof. W. Fresenius 1973, June 18, 7th General Assembly, Wiesbaden

1981, June 5, Dr. B. Oliver Rodés - 10th General Assembly 1981, June 5, Dr. B. Oliver Rodés - 10th General Assembly, Barcelona
Dr. Benito Oliver-Rodés Clapés (1929-2017) died at the age of 87 years on January 19, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. He was owner of the analytical laboratory Dr. Oliver Rodés.

Dr. Benito Oliver-Rodés Clapés had a degree in Pharmacy (1953) from the Universitat de Barcelona and a Diploma in Public Health (1955) and in Sanitary Engineering (1971) from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. From 1972-1975 he took the specialization course at the Institut Pasteur de Lille "Cours International de Microbiologie Alimentaire". He was a member of the Reial Acadèmia de Farmàcia de Catalunya (Royal Pharmacy Academy of Catalonia).

On May 2, 1902, his grandfather, Benito Oliver Rodés, PhD in Pharmacy, founded the Analytical Laboratory in Barcelona and started an Analysis Registry, with an independent numbering of the recipe book of his pharmacy. It were the first steps of the oldest private analytical laboratory in Spain that still works today.

In 1928, his son, Dr. Benito Oliver Suñé joined the laboratory and introduced clinical, food and industrial microbiology testing. In 1974 Benito Oliver-Rodés Clapés collected the family legacy and decided to deepen the initial dedication in analysis of all kinds of waters and in food microbiology by giving specialization services not only in analytical testing but also in professional, technological and legal advice. His son Jorge Oliver-Rodés Sen, UILI´s Vice-president joined the company in the 1990s, continuing the family tradition in the direction of a company that in 2000 moved to its present facilities in El Prat de Llobregat.
1984, Dr. B. Oliver Rodés, 7th president Governing Board 1984, Dr. B. Oliver Rodés, 7th President of Governing Board, Washington

1988, September 22, UILI Governing Board 1988, September 22, UILI Governing Board, Wiesbaden

2002, September 27, UILI Governing Board Meeting in Barcelona offices. 2002, September 27, UILI Governing Board Meeting in Barcelona office, Barcelona

Dr.-B.-Oliver-Rodés-ECG Dr. B. Oliver Rodés

2013, November 29, Dr. B. Oliver Rodés 2013, November 29, Dr. B. Oliver Rodés attends his last Governing Board Meeting in Barcelona and gives a presentation on the history of UILI.
Dr. Benito Oliver-Rodés joined UILI in 1971 and got inspired by the objectives of the Union. He initiated the foundation of AELI in 1975, the Spanish Association of Independent Laboratories. He was president of AELI from 1977 until 1987 and stayed on the Board for more than 30 years. In 1978 he was elected the 7th UILI President. In that capacity he worked hard to let the organization grow.

Dr. Benito Oliver-Rodés has been known in Spain as "the lord of the waters" since his laboratory has analysed most of the bottled waters in Spain. For his lab passes about 90 percent of the bottled water in Spain, which certifies its quality. Dr. Benito Oliver-Rodés was a Member of the Centro de Estudios, Investigación y Aplicaciones del Agua (Spain), the Comisión Interministerial para la Ordenación Alimentaria (C.I.O.A.), Spain, the Groupement International des Sources d'Eaux Minérales naturelles (G.I.S.E.M), the Union Européenne des Sources d'Eaux minérales naturelles du Marché commun (U.N.E.S.E.M) and the Codex Alimentarius Mundi. In 2016 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Institut Medicofarmacèutic de Catalunya, Spain.

Dr. Benito Oliver-Rodés started a unique collection of water bottles that is the most important and extensive in the world. It consists of more than 6,500 containers from more than 140 countries, in which the historical evolution of the bottled water, its designs and labels can be observed. This collection originates with the first analysis made by the laboratory. From some of these analysis the bottles are kept full, closed and labelled. It is around 1950 that Benito Oliver-Rodés Clapés, on the occasion of his trips to congresses, technical meetings and consultancies, systematically begins the search for bottled waters with the final objective of creating a large collection.

In his career Dr. Benito Oliver was an author of more than 80 conferences and papers on subjects of his specialty, among them:
  • Presence of organisms in water distribution networks. Barcelona (1967).
  • Organoleptic alterations of water supply in the city of Barcelona. Barcelona (1969).
  • Quality control of bottled drinking water presented in 1st Conference on quality of mineral-medicinal waters. Madrid (1973).
  • Current legislation on bottled water and from public supply. Barcelona (1981).
From 1971 until 2013 Dr. Benito Oliver defended the intrests of the independent private laboratories with remarkable dedication in our association. He was the 7th President of UILI from 1978 to 1984 and distinguished with the award of `Honorary Member'. He was a very active member of UILI for over 42 years and inspired many members over the years. He was a great friend for all of us.
On behalf of the Governing Board
Drs. Luc H.A. Scholtis
14th UILI President


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