UILI LabMeeting 2019 Frankfurt

UILI renews its structure and prepares for the next 50 years.
Independent public, private and industry laboratories join forces
Global Laboratory Organization welcomes all authorized representatives of laboratories and laboratory groups, laboratory associations, regional and sectoral cooperation bodies, and their respective stakeholders both public and private to be represented in its governing council.

Exactly 60 years after UILI had been authorized by the French Ministere de l'interieur as an Association Etrangére on June 15, 2020 UILI did include its New Articles of Association into a Notary deed under Dutch Law. With this new registration has opened up their association to regional and sectoral cooperation bodies, and their respective stakeholders. With in this new structure UILI is looking forward to new fruitful and inspiring co-operations.

The new articles of association were adopted unanimously and are available on the website

UILI LabMeeting 2019 Frankfurt
Announcement UILI Member Webinar
Survival Strategies for Independant Laboratories in a post
COVID-19 world.
On July 7 an November 12, 2020 UILI organized a member webinar in which UILI Governing Board members shared their experiences with the current COVID-19 pandemic and the changes it caused to the global economy, the laboratory world and our daily lives. Enthusiastically members shared and discussed their initiatives, worries and solutions.

Curious to learn more? Catch-up through our webinar report!

UILI LabMeeting 2019 Frankfurt

ILP packages ready to be distributed

23rd UILI ILP 2020
Analysis of Total Phosphorus, Fluorine Compound, and other Metals in Natural Water and Saline Water

We are happy to share that with the extended deadline all results have been submitted and received. The reporting deadline is expected in January 2021.

In the meantime we will not sit still. All preparations for our next ILP scheme are well on their way.

Are you interested in joining our 24th UILI ILP Program register for our ILP updates at out website!

UILI Membership and members
The Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants (UILI) is an international organization representing the laboratory industry, established in 1960. The present membership represents of over a 2000 mayor laboratory associations, individual laboratories and laboratory suppliers offering a diverse range of laboratory testing and consulting services.

If you are interested in becoming part of this international network of laboratory experts or if you want more information please see our website 'Become UILI member' or contact our secretariat: secretariat@uili.org.
We would be very pleased to welcome you as new member!

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