Membership / Benefits of membership

Benefits of Membership

The present membership of over a 1000 private laboratories or independent consultants provide a diverse range of laboratory testing and consultancy services. A recent survey, whilst recognising that a few laboratories had staff levels of over 700, confirmed that in excess of 75 percent of independent laboratories employed a total staff of less than 25.

UILI membership benefits to all members:

  • Free UILI newsletters and other information leaflets
  • Regular publication of the UILI "Register of Members".
  • Representation and participation in the workings of national or international standard bodies such as ILAC, UNIDO and ISO.
  • Representation at International Laboratory Accreditation Conferences and Task Force meetings.
  • Opportunities for personal contact with other laboratory professionals.
  • Advice and encouragement in developing technical capabilities.
  • Preferential fees for conferences and seminars.
  • Active assistance from the Secretariat and other UILI officers.
  • Access to documents on the UILI website.
  • Participate to UILI-ILP at discounted member price