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AELI Continues it's crusade against unfair competition

AELI has hired the services of a specialized law firm to make claims against the organizations that make unfair competition to the laboratories in Spain.

Governing Board Dr. J. Oliver-Rodés

AELI (Spanish Association of Independent Laboratories) with FELAB, organize an annual set of training courses for laboratories. These courses are specialized in solve the most common problems that have calibration, analysis & testing laboratories. And are necessaries for the training of their different employees. Some examples are: Quality audits, Internal laboratory audits, Microbiology analysis, Water analysis, estimations of uncertainty, Proficiency testing’s and others.

Besides, AELI (Spanish Association of Independent Laboratories) with FELAB organize an annual Symposium. In this event is commented and discussed the most relevant and actual issues for the laboratories, for example: Laboratory Marketing, Laboratory Internationalization, legal and technical issues.