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9th UILI ILP 2015

03 February, 2015

1. Name of the proficiency test

9th UILI Inter-Laboratory Practice 2015 – “Metals in pure water (drinking water)”

Sample 1 and 2:
"Concentration of target elements will be no-need of pre-treatment and/or concentration”

2. Provider

Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants (UILI), ILP Committee.

3. Time schedule

(a) Deadline of application : End-February, 2015
(b) Distribution of test samples : End-march, 2015
(c) Deadline of reporting : June 30, 2015
(d) Issue of final report : October, 2015

- No reports, including resubmitting, after due date are accepted.
- Date of sample distribution differs among participants according to application date and
shipping condition.

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