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Newsletter May 2015


UILI Participation in the revision of the ISO 17025 standard

In the world there are more than 43,000 laboratories in more than 100 countries accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 Standard and that is why the process that ISO-CASCO has initiated this year for the revision of this Standard is one of the events of greatest importance for the business and activity of the laboratory sector. Aware of the importance of this review and being UILI an organization in liaison with ISO-CASCO various actions have been undertaken since last year to actively participate in the reviewing process, as follows:

  • In May 2014 UILI announced the recruitment of volunteer experts to select two representatives to participate in the meetings of the ISO WG Nr. 44 in charge of the Standard revision will hold in Geneva during the duration of the review process that will take about three years.
  • In October 2014 it was formed in UILI an internal working group for the revision of the standard ISO 17025 that consists of the following experts:
    1. Drs. Hans van der Wart (From VRS, The Netherlands)
    2. Dr. Silva Ribeiro (From RELACRE, Portugal)
    3. Mrs. Mary-Anne Adeeko – WG coordinator (From Frals Testing, Nigeria)
    4. JEMCA’S Member (From JEMCA Japan)
  • The UILI 17025 WG selected from the list of volunteers the following representatives to attend the ISO WG 44 meetings hold in Geneva:
    1. Mr. Gib Mc Intee (CCIL, Canada)
    2. JEMCA’S candidate (JEMCA Japan)
  • On February Mr. Mc Intee attended the first ISO meeting in Geneva as UILI’s representative.
  • On March 26th was held the first skype meeting of the internal 17026 WG of UILI and it was elected as coordinator Mrs. Mary Anne Adeeko (Nigeria).
  • The working group is responsible for collecting the views and concerns of the laboratories regarding the revision of the standard to establish positions to defend in the meetings of the ISO WG # 44
  • The UILI 17025 working group will also maintain contact with the 17025 WG of EUROLAB to the extent possible defend fixed positions together.
  • Next skype meeting of the UILI WG was set for May 20th, and on it will be discussed UILI’s positions for the next ISO WG Nr. 44 meeting that will be hold in June.

Any UILI member wishing to contact the working group can do so through the secretary address:

Inter Laboratory Practice

9th UILI Inter-Laboratory Practice

  • Since 9 years ago UILI offers a special service to laboratories worldwide: the preparation of interlaboratory practice comparison exercises, ILP, with the participation of laboratories of different countries all around the world.
  • In December 2014 was spread the announcement of the 9th ILP of UILI for this year 2015:
    “Metals in pure water (drinking water)”. In this occasion the target elements are:
    • Aluminum (Al) / Boron (B) / Cadmium (Cd) / Calcium (Ca) / Chromium (Cr) / Copper(Cu) / Lead (Pb) / Magnesium (Mg) / Thallium(Tl) / Sodium (Na) / Potassium (K)
  • Near 150 laboratories are registered to participate in this 9th ILP from the following countries:
    • Japan, China, Korea, México, Argentina, Brazil, France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal
  • In April 2015 the corresponding samples of the 9th ILP were dispatched from our organization committee in Japan.
  • The final report will be issued in October 2015.
  • Additional information about the current ILP and the formers ones can be found on our website:

Click here to download the 9th UILI ILP Announcement.

Click here to register for participation in the next UILI Inter-Laboratory Practice.


UILI-EUROLAB Working group

  • On March 20th was held the last skype meeting of the UILI-EUROLAB WG
  • 2 main tasks were decided to work in together:
    • To improve the contacts between UILI and EUROLAB 17025 internal WG so that they can share information and discuss the issues of interest for laboratories and go to the ISO/CASCO meetings preferably with common positions.
    • To implement a plan for development of Regional Organizations of Laboratories.


UILI 27th General Assembly and LabMeeting in Buenos Aires Sept. 16-18th

  • On next 16 -18th of September the UILI Board will meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There also will take place the UILI 27th General Assembly meeting.
  • “UILI LabMeeting”: UILI with the collaboration of CALIBA, the Argentinian Association of Laboratories, is working in the organization of the Board meeting and the General Assembly and they are also preparing a work shop event with the participation of several speakers from different countries experts in topics of current interest for laboratory business.

Like to attend? Send an email to or pre-register on the website.

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