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UILI and EUROLAB signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement
EUROLAB will join UILI in defending the global interests of the laboratory industry

Bologna, May 4, 2017 - At the EUROLAB General Assembly held in Bologna, Italy UILI the Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants and EUROLAB the European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories signed a strategic alliance agreement.

The alliance agreement has as main objective to build together the largest Laboratory Association in the world and enhance the cooperation and dialogue between the two organisations. EUROLAB and UILI already work together in a productive way under its latest Memorandum of Understanding dated on 9 April 2013. They will continue to enhance their joint activities with the intention to better represent the global laboratory community.

Drs Luc H.A. Scholtis President of UILI and Dr Álvaro Silva Ribeiro President of Eurolab
EUROLAB President, Álvaro Silva Ribeiro,and UILI President, Luc Scholtis, signing the Strategic Alliance Agreement
Joining forces in defending the interests of the laboratory industry
Both organisations will define together strategies and develop methods and tools to coordinate participation of UILI and EUROLAB in alliance with other laboratory organizations in defending the interests of the laboratory industry at the international level.

EUROLAB and UILI create the largest laboratory association in the world
EUROLAB and UILI share the view that the influence of the international laboratory community and the impact at international can be increased by EUROLAB becoming a member of UILI allowing to avoid duplicated costs, optimize resources and logistics and to coordinate strategies and policy matters.

Drs Luc H.A. Scholtis President of UILI and Dr Álvaro Silva Ribeiro President of Eurolab
UILI President, Luc Scholtis welcomes EUROLAB President Álvaro Silva Ribeiro as a new member association
Focus on creating a global level playing field
UILI and EUROLAB will also coordinate their participation in International and European activities (ISO, CEN, ILAC, IAF, EA, IAAC, APLAC, ARAC, and others) and will coordinate participation in appropriate technical committees concerned with horizontal issues at the international level.

It is of high importance for both organisations to exchange views and, wherever possible, achieve consensus positions on policy matters of interest to the members of both organizations, such as the pre-and-co-normative and accreditation and notification activities, standardization, international R&D collaboration projects.

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Note to editors
The Union Internationale des Laboratories Indépendants (UILI) is the worldwide organisation for testing and calibration laboratories, and for scientific consultants. UILI was registered in France in 1961 as an international association of independent laboratories and consultants. UILI represents their professional and commercial interests on an international basis. It provides a forum for the international exchange of views on matters of common interest and it has established an international network of scientific contacts to act in the professional and commercial interests of its members. It promotes the international status of laboratories and scientific consultants and emphasizes the importance of their role in international trade.

The European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories (EUROLAB) was created in Brussels on April 27, 1990. EUROLAB is a non-for-profit organisation composed of 25 national associations all over the Europe. Grouping over 2,000 conformity assessment bodies and representing over 100,000 technical experts and laboratory practitioners. The EUROLAB general objective is to promote cost-effective testing, calibration and measurement services, for which the accuracy and quality assurance requirements were adjusted to the actual needs.

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