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The Laboratory Liason Committee meeting will be held in Prague on April 16, 2012.
The full ILAC IAF meeting, about 7 to days long, will be held in Rio de Janeiro in mid October 2012.

World Accreditation Day June 9th, 2012

World Accreditation Day will take place on June 9th 2012. The theme of the day will be 'Accreditation - Supporting Safe Food and Clean Drinking Water'. This theme has been selected as it is relevant to both ILAC and IAF members, as well as to accreditation bodies in both Developed and Developing Economies.

As in previous years, the ILAC MCC and the IAF CMC will provide a number of materials to support your events and promotional activities. This will include a joint statement from the IAF and ILAC Chairs, and a promotional poster with the branding for the day. There will also be a promotional leaflet that you will be able to distribute, and a short promotional film. You will receive a High Definition DVD disc in the post in due course, however you are also encouraged to link to the film on the ILAC / IAF You Tube channel when available. Further information about World Accreditation Day and links to the materials will be sent out towards the end of the month.


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