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RELACRE – Portugal Accredited Laboratories Association

Governing board Dr. Á. Silca Ribeiro

RELACRE – Portugal Accredited Laboratories Association is a private, non-for-profit Association, with independent legal identity and technical, administrative and financial autonomy, with its own patrimony.

It was formed in 1991 as an initiative of 21 entities, public and private, with accredited laboratories, in order to represent ay national level the metrology and testing Portuguese laboratories.

RELACRE New member of UILI

Currently, congregates members from different sectors of economic activity, mostly laboratories, independent or integrated into enterprises, technological and quality infrastructures and other entities, public and private, interested in the development and recognition of the importance of the metrology and testing activities.

In pursuit of improving the quality of services and competitiveness of laboratories, RELACRE, develops various activities to meet the needs of laboratorial community.

Internationally, on behalf of Portugal and Portuguese Laboratories, participates in several organizations, mainly EUROLAB, EURACHEM, IMEKO and now UILI.

Aware of the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge, RELACRE, established, at an international level agreements with other entities such as EUROLAB Spain, RELAT- Technological Laboratories Network- Brazil, Metrology Parana- Brazil.

RELACRE is available to establish protocols and cooperation agreements with organizations, at national and international level, in response to needs and common interests.

RELACRE main activities:

  • Training courses
  • Organisation of seminars and workshops
  • Proficiency testing schemes
  • Technical consulting and auditing
  • Personnel certification body
  • Technical committees