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CCIL fights unfair competition by New Brunswick Ministry of the Environment (BC MOE) and Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC)

Governing Board G. G. McIntee

Since our last meeting, CCIL held the following meetings:

  • October 2012 meeting - Edmonton Alberta
  • February 2013 meeting - Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
  • April 28 – 29, 2013 - Toronto Ontario
  • July 2013 Annual General Meeting – Calgary Alberta

Our next meetings will be held

  • October 2013 – Vancouver BC

CCIL has been extremely busy with the review and updating of its By-laws to ensure that we are in compliance with a new Act, which will ensure that all non-profit organizations apply for articles of continuance by the end of 2014. It is CCIL’s intention to present its revised By-Laws to its membership for ratification and approval, at its July 2013 AGM, way in advance of the Government’s deadline date of 2014.
Two important files saw CCIL commission two studies:

  1. Risk Assessment on proposed Financial Guarantees by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) – resulted in proving that CNSC’s proposal was unreasonable.
  2. Study to compare nPB and Trichloroethylene – inconclusive to date but ongoing. This study was undertaken as a result of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) mandating the use of nPB on their contracts. The CCIL position is to leave the decision to the individual labs as to which solvent to use.

CCIL is also facing other issues which could adversely affect our members if they were allowed to move forward:

  1. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) – new plan Administrative Money Penalty (AMP)
  2. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) - Warranty Based Contracts
  3. British Columbia Ministry of Transportation (BC MOT) - P3 Contracts
  4. Ontario Ministry of the Environment (OME) - excessive fines levied against members
  5. Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) – unfair competition
  6. New Brunswick Ministry of the Environment (BC MOE) - unfair competition

CCIL Executive Administrator, Derwyn Reuber, attended a fall American Concrete Institute (ACI) Meeting and participated in a panel discussion.

Derwyn Reuber also represented both CCIL and UILI at ACIL’s October 2012 meeting at which time he presented on behalf of CCIL and UILI, a certificate congratulating them on the occasion of their 75th anniversary.

Respectfully Submitted
Gilbert G. McIntee