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UILI-EUROLAB Working Group

Vijzelmolenlaan 7 Woerden, The Netherlands on 08th April 2013 from 5.30 p.m. to approx. 6.20 p.m.

List of participants:

  • Mr. Jiří Sobola, EUROLAB President
  • Mr. Manfred Golze, EUROLAB Member of the Board,
  • Mr. Alvaro Silva Ribeiro, EUROLAB Member of the Board
  • Mr. José Luis Sánchez, EUROLAB Member of the Board
  • Ms. Dagmar Kotová, EUROLAB International Affairs Manager
  • Mr. Manahén Fernández, UILI President
  • Mr. Jan Soers, UILI Vice-President
  • Mr. Luc Scholtis, UILI Secretary General

Roll-call of attendants
Eurolab opened the meeting and asked all participants for their introduction.

Approval of the agenda
The draft Agenda was approved.

Governor of the group

  • It has been decided that the coordinator of the group will be Mr. José Luis Sánchez.
  • UILI stated that his aim is to develop wide cooperation between EUROLAB aisbl and UILI.
  • UILI added that one of the problems in the laboratory sector is a competition between public and private laboratories.
  • EUROLAB reacted that on other hand these two types of laboratories have a lot of common interests which they can resolve together.

Short presentation of EUROLAB and UILI
UILI will send information regarding UILI to the EUROLAB General Secretariat and vice versa.

Areas of interest

  • UILI raised a problem of “unfair” (opinion of private labs) competition among private and public laboratories.
  • EUROLAB explained it mainly focused on technical issues, where the division - private and public - does not really matter.
  • UILI noted that EUROLAB and UILI can cooperate on the technical issues, however for UILI is important both economic (private/public) as well as technical issues. In the future the mutual cooperation could be broadening.
  • EUROLAB concluded that at the moment EUROLAB and UILI agreed to cooperate on technical issues:
    - inform each other about association’s activities
    - regular consultations
    - coordinate participation at International and European level (ILAC etc.)
  • EUROLAB added that it is very important that the associations will exchange their reports from various meetings (viz annex EUROLAB galaxy).
  • EUROLAB stated that EUROLAB is strong in EA and UILI in ILAC and therefore we should cooperate and exchange information.
  • EUROLAB summarised that we should prepare general rules in order to plan exchange of information and possibility to issue common comments to documents. Additionally, we should upgrade Ibero-American Congress on the International level with support of both UILI and EUROLAB.
  • EUROLAB asked UILI representatives to support at the ILAC LC meeting EUROLAB comments on ILAC P10.
  • It was agreed that EUROLAB will write a EUROLAB position and send it to UILI for their consideration.

Next steps
EUROLAB General Secretariat will distribute report from the meeting to all participants. UILI will inform EUROLAB about their presence in various technical committees (viz annex EUROLAB Galaxy).

Next meeting
Barcelona, 28-29 November 2013 UILI General Assembly